Software Engineering Research Group (HUSE)

Hacettepe University's Software Engineering Research Group (HUSE) is an industry-oriented research group. It is affiliated with the Department of Computer Science/Engineering.

The group's overall objective is to develop new methodologies and tools to develop higher quality industrial software-intensive systems in a cost-effective manner. We adopt a rigorous, problem-driven, and realistic approach to every problem as we view industrial software development as an engineering discipline. HUSE has the goal of conducting both experimental and theoretical research in software engineering to understand and address software engineering challenges in the industry.

We have R&D expertise in various system and software engineering domains both in Turkey and also internationally. We utilize action research and empirical approaches in our research and development (R&D) activities, since we are passionate about bridging software engineering academia and practice and we believe that the software engineering theory and techniques should be rigorously evaluated in industrial settings.

Hacettepe University Software Engineering Research Group (HUSE)
Ankara, Turkey